Services & Fees

What I offer and how much it costs


I am passionate about helping hurting people to find hope and move towards healing.

I see individual adults, adolescents, and couples. Given my background and experience, many of my clients are mission and aid workers, or church leaders and staff and their families, but I welcome clients from any background and situation, of any faith or none.

Most people come for counselling as a result of difficulties they’re experiencing, but others simply want a regular space which is ‘theirs’ to process what’s happening in their life, gain perspective and understand themselves better. In those situations, I can offer open-ended weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Professional counsellors are usually required to have regular formal supervision, to support them and ensure they are working ethically and appropriately. The same is not always true for those in pastoral or other informal, caring roles, which can sometimes leave them feeling very alone and unsupported. I can offer regular supportive processing sessions for those involved in pastoral care or similar work, which provide a safe and confidential space to process the things they’re ‘carrying’, for their own well-being as well as the benefit of those they’re helping.

I can provide confidential debriefing following a critical incident and also, primarily for mission and humanitarian workers, following a period of overseas assignment. Even if you have been debriefed by your agency or church, an unhurried opportunity to process the experiences and emotions of your time overseas with an independent, experienced listener, in a relaxed, supportive setting can be immensely helpful.

Although the majority of my work is counselling individuals and couples, I am also available to facilitate workshops of varying lengths on topics which are of interest to your agency or group.

Subjects previously addressed include: Team Dynamics, Stress Management, Transition & Change, Trauma Healing, and Self-Care in Difficult Places. I would be happy to discuss the needs of your group and work with you to create a plan which would best serve you and your staff.


Fees are payable one session in advance, so at the end of the introductory session, clients pay for that and the following session. After that they pay at the beginning of each session. Cash payment is preferred, but I can also accept cheques (made out to Julie Bailey). I’m sorry I cannot accept credit or debit card payments.

60-minute introductory session and subsequent 60-minute sessions - £45 per session.

90-minute sessions if requested - £65 per session.

90-minute introductory session and subsequent 90-minute counselling sessions - £80 per session.


60-minute introductory session and subsequent 60-minute sessions - £45 per session.

90-minute sessions if requested - £65 per session.

Up to three hours confidential debrief for individual or couple, with follow-up phone call or email- £95.

Additional charge if report is required.


By arrangement.