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Julie Bailey

Hello! Welcome to Wollaton Counselling Services.

I’m Julie Bailey.

As a counsellor it’s my privilege to come alongside people during difficult times; to listen to their story, validate their struggles, and help them find hope. I work collaboratively with each individual or couple, empowering them to find their own way forward, towards healing and growth.

It’s not always easy to decide whether counselling might be helpful for you, or to choose which counsellor would be the best fit for your personality and needs. I hope this website will help you to decide if I might be the person you’d like to help you ‘unpack’ and work through the things that are concerning you.

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Deciding to seek help takes courage and commitment and I have the greatest respect for each person who makes that brave choice.

I’ll be honest with you; when you begin counselling sometimes things may feel worse before they feel better. That’s quite normal, as sometimes we’ll be looking at painful things which you’ve been holding at bay and not exploring, precisely because you fear it will be difficult and will hurt to go there. That process is made easier with an understanding and skilled person to accompany you.

It’s been my privilege to work with hundreds of clients of many nationalities and backgrounds, and I value and respect each person as a unique individual. I like the metaphor of counselling as a journey, but it’s your journey not mine, so although I may offer ideas and perspectives, everything we do will be decided together. I may suggest something (and explain why I think it could be helpful) but you will decide if you want to try it or not. I may ask a question, or ‘knock on the door’ but I will never force my way in. I appreciate that it often takes time to build the trust that’s needed to share the real struggles, the deep and difficult things, and to know they will be safe with me and treated with care and respect.

Sometimes external circumstances can be changed; sometimes the changes will be within you - your beliefs, attitudes and expectations. Often those can be the most meaningful and empowering changes of all.

Counselling can transform how you see yourself and your life, moving you from distress and confusion to reveal choices and possibilities - and hope. Exploring the resources within and around you can help you make the changes you’d like to see.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch.